Paragon Home Resources Services

Paragon Home Resources Services

Managing Your Current Home

Paragon Home Resources can help with managing your current home and getting repairs done when needed.  Our services allow seniors and others that have physical or mental limitations to remain in their homes for as long as possible.  We can also manage a home that is vacated during the sales process.  Our services include:  1) Arranging necessary home repairs and home improvements; 2) Yard maintenance; 3) Organizing garage sales; 4) Arrangements for paying monthly bills; 5) Property inspections; and, 6) Trash removal.

Reverse Mortgages

Paragon can facilitate a reverse mortgage, granting qualified seniors access to home equity to supplement their retirement income.  Our services include: 1) Referral to qualified reverse mortgage lenders; 2) Assistance with loan documentation; 3) Paperwork and document review; and, 4) Arranging automatic payments.

Selling your Current Home

If the time comes to either enter a senior living facility, or otherwise sell your current home and move to another residence, Paragon Home Resources can manage the sale of your home for you.  Services include: 1) Preparing the home for sale; 2) Coordinating any necessary home repairs or maintenance; 3) Ordering two real estate market analyses to establish value; 4) Assisting with broker/agent selection; 5) Listing the home for sale; 6) Assistance with negotiations when an offer is made; 7) Reviewing all documents; 8) Managing the closing of the sale; and, 9) Making certain that monies are properly distributed and the sale is recorded.

Sorting and Moving Household Belongings

In order to downsize from your current home into a senior living facility, or another residence, Paragon Home Resources handles all facets of preparing to move and then moving.  Services include: 1) Sorting personal and household belongings to determine which items will be moved into senior living or another residence; 2) Donating any unwanted items to charity; 3) Managing an estate sale, if applicable; 4) Providing a cost estimate for moving; and, 5) Transporting household and personal items, including packing, loading, moving and unpacking.