Services for Seniors Requiring Elder Care

Assisting with Life Decisions

If the time comes to either enter a senior living community, or otherwise sell your current home and move to another residence, Paragon Home Resources can help you select the right senior community or home care options and then manage the sale of your home for you.  Services include:

Senior Community and Home Care Services

Paragon Home Resources maintains relationships with the leading Senior Community and Home Care companies in the United States. Based on an in-depth needs assessment, we can help families determine the services that make the most sense to provide appropriate care for a loved one within the budget identified. Once done, we will make referrals to the companies best suited to meet the needs of the loved one.

Selling Your Current Home

1) Preparing the home for sale;
2) Referrals for any necessary home repairs or maintenance;
3) Ordering a real estate market analysis to establish value;
4) Assisting with real estate agent selection;
5) Listing the home for sale; and,
6) Providing your cash reward, if applicable.

Buying a Home to Downsize

If the time comes to downsize to a smaller home, Paragon Home Resources can assist you with purchasing a new home. Services include

1) Assisting with real estate agent selection;
2) Assistance with negotiations when an offer is made;
3) Reviewing all documents;
4) Managing the closing of the sale;
5) Making certain the sale is recorded; and,
6) Providing your cash reward, if applicable.

Property Maintenance Services

Our services allow you to remain in your home for as long as possible.  We can assist in arranging necessary home repairs and home improvements. We can also assist with managing a home that is vacated during the selling process.

Property Management Services

Paragon Home Resources can help with identifying a qualified Property Management Company who will market the home for rent, identify qualified renters, maintain the home, and manage payments.

Sorting and Moving Household Belongings

In order to downsize from your current home into a senior living community, or another residence, Paragon Home Resources handles all facets of preparing to move and then moving.  Services include:

1) Various moving options;
2) Sorting personal and household belongings to determine which items will be moved into senior living or another residence;
3) Donating any unwanted items to charity;
4) Managing an estate sale, if applicable;
5) Providing a cost estimate for moving; and,
6) Transporting household and personal items, including packing, loading, moving and unpacking.

Mortgage and Financial Services

By working with qualified national mortgage lenders, we can facilitate low interest rates and a convenient, quick, hassle free experience through a single point of coordination. Paragon Home Resources makes obtaining a loan or other financial services a simple process throughout the United States. We offer national mortgage and financial services to assist with all types of mortgages including:

  • Equity Lines of Credit
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages
  • Fixed Rate Loans
  • Conventional Loans
  • Jumbos
  • FHA Loans
  • VA Loans
  • Refinance
  • USDA/Rural Development

Consumer Services

Paragon Home Resources offers a variety of Consumer Services, often with discounts, to support families managing Elder Care issues. These may include assistance with utilities, home warranty insurance, home repairs, hearing aids, life alert systems, security systems, medical equipment and other services that may be needed to support a loved one, either living at home, or in a senior living community. Paragon’s Home Resources Coordinator will make these valuable services available for family consideration.