Assisting with Life Decisions
Paragon Home Resources provides services to assist families in transition through all stages of life. Services include assistance for:

  • First Time Home Buyers
  • Those Right Sizing Your Home
  • Moving Services for Empty Nesters
  • Seniors Moving to Retire
  • Seniors Requiring Elder Care Services
  • People Moving to Relocate

We offer valuable living options and moving services, while assisting with life decisions. With years of real estate and moving experience, we understand the emotions and stress families experience when making a transition, or managing a home. To make things as easy as possible, Paragon implements all services through a single point of coordination, your designated Paragon Home Resources Coordinator. Paragon strives to provide peace of mind and expert advice.

Paragon Home Resources assists first time home buyers
Paragon Home Resources assists first time home buyers
Paragon Home Resources assists those looking moving to right-size their home
Assisting with Home Right Sizing
Paragon Home Resources offers moving services for empty nesters
Assisting Empty Nesters
Paragon Home Resources offers moving services to those looking to retire
Assisting Seniors with Life Decisions
Paragon Home Resources assists with corporate relocations

Tell Us What You Think…

Ramona, Client

Thanks for the update. I know that she is glad to have the sale behind her. I appreciate all that Paragon did to assist her.

Mary, Client

I wanted to let you know what a great job our PHR  vendors did in moving our residents in. Not only is it a great peace of mind for our families to have such timely, efficient and hardworking movers assist their loved ones but to also know they were professional as well and listened to our residents’ concerns with moving their belongings.

It has been a pleasure to work with you, and your moving team, and our community looks forward to our continued partnership.

Thank you for all your help.

Beth, Client

It was wonderful hearing from you! Thanks for the update, and for all you do!

Carolyn, Customer

I would recommend Paragon. I never felt rushed.  The people were good listeners, and checked with me frequently. Using this service definitely reduced the stress of moving.

Barbara, Customer

Regarding Selling My Home: Someone was in touch with me throughout the sell and preparing me for the next thing to be done.

Regarding Moving My Belongings: Excellent! On time, prepared furniture to be moved not to mention doorways, and polite.

Regarding Other PHR Services: Extremely happy with everyone.

Overall: Both Lori and her boss made my moving not something to look back at with regret.

Michelle, Customer

I have been very impressed with Paragon Home Resources.

You and your colleagues were very kind in offering help to me with my Mother who has Alzheimer’s’. The Customer Service has been exemplary. The intake person was very knowledgeable, and very comprehensive in her explanations.

I highly recommend Paragon. One could make very poor care and financial choices, without the detailed and expert services that Paragon and its associated vendors provide.

Brian, Real Estate Agent

I would HIGHLY recommend Paragon Home Resources to any Berkshire Hathaway Agents who are considering joining the Paragon Team. I am not personally aware of another Home Move Services provider that coordinates and manages all the necessary components needed for a seamless and easy transition, better and more economically than Paragon Home Resources. Paragon’s all inclusive “Care Coordination” approach makes a difficult and many times overwhelming task much easier and far less time consuming for the family members involved. I have nothing but the highest praise and confidence in Paragon Home Resources and the talented first class people who represent them.

Ralph, Customer

My agent is top notch!  He put my wife and me at ease during the first appointment to discuss the selling of our home. He came prepared with a comparative market analysis; educating us on our specific area.  At the time, we had been talking to another realtor who is a friend of my wife. However, the Paragon services and cash reward truly added value when combined with my agent’s expertise. 

Shellie, Real Estate Agent

I am a PLR in Northern California, working with Paragon Home Resources.

Barbara is a referral who lost her husband and wanted to move from her big house and into a Community.  Barbara visited the Community multiple times, attending various functions and expressing her feelings about wanting to move.  However, she just didn’t know where to start and who to trust.  It was at our “downsizing skit” function, where we met Barbara.  We briefly explained our services but it wasn’t until we scheduled a home visit with Barbara that Barbara decided to agree to work with us.  We had a great conversation and answered all her questions.  We put all her concerns and worries to rest.  When we were about ready to leave, Barbara said she wanted to move forward and put her home on the market.  She went on to say that she feels so comfortable with us, she said “it’s like having my own team and I know you have my back”.  We currently have her home on the market.  I also wanted to note that she had been working with another Realtor prior to our visit with her but it was her feeling comfortable, secure and confident that Lori and I would take care of her that changed her mind and decided to work with Paragon Home Resources/Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices.

Delores, Customer

I lived in Ohio all my life and I decided to make a major change and move to Arizona to be closer to my family. With the use of Paragon Home Resources services, I was able to successfully sell my home, buy a new home and sell, donate and move my remaining household goods across the country. The Paragon Home Resources Coordinator took away a lot of the stress and anxiety I was feeling about making my move. I could not have made my move without them. They coordinated so many services for me and best of all I earned a cash back reward when I bought my new home in Arizona! I highly recommend using the Paragon Home Resources team to help make any move anywhere in the country a smooth one.

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